Enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting firms may very well prove to be your company’s greatest ally and asset as you select, implement and deploy a new enterprise software platform. These ERP systems can improve a company’s efficiency many times over, while also offering a significant ROI — but only if you configure and deploy the platform properly. This is the primary objective for ERP consulting firms, but they can also be extremely helpful when it comes to helping you hire better talent. This includes tech professionals who are critical for your ERP implementation and deployment, in addition to staff who can provide services long after your ERP rollout is complete. 

ERP consulting firms can help you hire better talent because they are intimately familiar with the enterprise software technology that you are leveraging. They are also well-versed on the needs that will arise once the ERP system is up and running. This means they can help you select tech talent with the right skill set. 

Identifying Your Immediate ERP Staffing Needs

Implementing a new ERP platform is a tremendous task, especially for larger companies and more unique, customized deployments. There are a few different tech professionals that a business may need to hire in order to see a smooth, efficient enterprise software rollout. 

  • ERP Implementation Expert – This tech professional will oversee any and all aspects associated with the ERP implementation process. This includes identifying the company’s needs for different modules within the ERP interface, identifying and establishing integrations with third-party platforms, coordinating the migration of data, customizing the ERP interface to suit business needs, and overseeing the actual deployment process. Your consulting firm will be well-positioned to help you choose the perfect implementation pro for your project, since they can effectively evaluate a candidate’s ERP-related skills and knowledge. 
  • ERP Training Staff – Training and preparation is a big part of a successful ERP deployment. You will need to establish a talented ERP training team that can teach and guide your staff as the new enterprise software is rolled out. Comprehensive training sessions are really vital if you plan to deploy a new ERP platform without confusion and downtime. Your ERP consulting firm has the insight required to hire a winning training team. They can also provide you with a good idea of how many people will be needed to get the job done right. 
  • Data Management Specialists – Data management is a critical component of your ERP implementation. These enterprise software platforms include a database that centralizes much or all of a company’s data. You will be pulling together massive amounts of data from multiple disparate systems and platforms. This represents a tremendous opportunity for a data disaster. Yet data can be a company’s most valuable asset which means that an incidence of data corruption, data loss or any other event that adversely impacts data integrity can be extremely problematic. A data management specialist can play an instrumental role in the ERP implementation process by overseeing data migration. Your ERP consulting firm is well-positioned to help you to explain your needs to a data specialist, thereby aiding in the process of identifying and hiring the perfect expert for your project.
  • Developers – A talented developer can prove to be a valuable asset as you customize and evolve your enterprise software system. The beauty of an ERP platform is its customizability. It can be modified — today and in the future — to accommodate your precise requirements, whatever they happen to be. If your processes and workflows change, your ERP system can be modified to suit. But you’ll need a developer who can make the modifications. Ideally, you will find someone who can continually be on the lookout for new opportunities for customizations that may be advantageous to your workflows and processes. An ERP consulting firm is effectively positioned — especially on a technical level — to help you identify the best developer for your ERP platform and your business.

Identifying Your ERP Staffing Needs for the Future

In some cases, a business will need to hire new ERP professionals to oversee, update and maintain their enterprise software platform on a long-term basis. This is especially true of larger companies, with a more complex ERP platform since these systems require a fair amount of ongoing maintenance. 

A business that opts for an on-premise ERP system will also require a good deal of technical expertise to ensure that the software brings maximum benefit and ROI. The same is also true of smaller deployments, although in these cases, you may only have enough work to justify a part-time position. 

An organization that is new to these complex enterprise software platforms is usually in a less-than-ideal position to identify its future staffing needs. But an ERP consulting firm will know precisely what it takes to establish and maintain an enterprise resource planning system that will boost efficiency and deliver maximum ROI. As such, your ERP consulting firm is the perfect partner to help in your efforts to identify future staffing needs. 

Working With ERP Consulting Firms to Hire Better Tech Talent

It is not uncommon for a business to lack the collective insights required to hire the right tech talent for their needs. Often, there exists a gap — or massive chasm — between the company’s staff and their actual needs as a business. This results in inefficiencies and a scenario where the organization falls short of its true potential. Now, you are adding a new enterprise software system into the equation which changes the technology landscape in some potentially profound ways. 

ERP consulting firms are well-positioned to help you evaluate your tech team and identify skill gaps and other staffing issues that may limit your success. For example, the act of moving to a single, centralized enterprise software platform may mean that it now makes sense to hire a database and data, management specialist. A centralized company database such as that which is found in an ERP interface also opens a door opportunity in the realm of analytics and reporting — critical information that can be used for data-driven decision-making. Therefore, your company could benefit from hiring a data analytics specialist who can examine your metrics and generate useful reports to help guide your business toward success. 

Your ERP consulting firm can help you identify opportunities such as these, effectively helping you to make the most of your new enterprise software system. 

Many ERP consulting firms have existing relationships with companies and individuals who offer related services, so you may even find that your consulting firm can point you to tech talent that may represent a good fit for your organization and its new ERP platform.  

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