Described as “a single database as a service (DBaaS) foundation for modern applications and analytics across all enterprise data,” the SAP HANA Cloud serves as a platform where companies can integrate multiple enterprise applications. These SAP HANA Cloud integrations provide businesses with the ability to run their applications in a secure, centralized cloud-based environment. 

What is SAP HANA Cloud? 

Based on the SAP Business Technology Platform, the SAP HANA Cloud is a database management foundation that allows for the integration of various applications within a data-rich environment. In fact, SAP HANA (High-performance Analytic Appliance) is rather unique as a database platform thanks to its advanced real-time analytics capabilities and in-memory database. The latter is unique because most databases use disk-based storage, while SAP HANA stores data within the actual memory architecture. 

The SAP HANA Cloud-native platform serves as a centralized location for storing, running and accessing enterprise applications (and the associated data) in an environment that is far more accessible than what you might find with a hybrid or multi-cloud configuration. Multiple applications — including applications that exist outside of the SAP ecosystem — can be pulled together and integrated on this single, centralized platform. This is the objective of an SAP HANA Cloud integration project. 

Why SAP HANA Cloud Integration?

Why should a company pursue SAP HANA Cloud integration? Companies both large and small, across all industries and business sectors can benefit from cloud migration thanks to the scalability, accessibility, security, and performance that is typical of cloud-based systems. In fact, there are countless benefits to leveraging a cloud-based ERP platform such as SAP ERP. But to succeed, you’ll need to achieve integrations with mission-critical third-party platforms. Even without an ERP platform, a company can see a benefit by integrating multiple applications into a single centralized platform. That is where the SAP HANA Cloud integration process comes into play. 

SAP HANA Cloud integration allows you to connect SAP’s Cloud platform with non-SAP applications; connect cloud-based applications with on-premise applications. In fact, SAP says you can connect just about anything on their cloud platform, which opens the door to some interesting possibilities if an organization has the right tech talent to make it happen. 

The Workings and Benefits of SAP HANA Cloud Integration

Many opt for SAP HANA Cloud integration thanks to the relative ease of implementation. This is attributed to the fact that SAP provides pre-configured integration content that, in most cases, requires relatively little modification during the implementation and deployment process. 

Additionally, integration is made easier with SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors, which allow for what is essentially “plug-and-play” connectivity with a wide variety of third-party platforms and applications. The SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors are among the four components that make up the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. 

The SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite is home to the tools where developers can achieve actual integrations, ranging from business-to-business (B2B) to application-to-application (A2A) and beyond.

Included in the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite is an Integration Advisor tool. This tool is designed to “accelerate the implementation and maintenance of B2B scenarios.”  The Suite also features a SAP API Management tool that provides companies with the ability to associate processes and data flows with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). 

Who Do I Hire for an SAP HANA Cloud Integration Project? 

There are a few tech professionals that you may need to hire if you’re considering an SAP HANA Cloud Integration project. Some organizations may have the requisite tech talent on their existing IT team, while others will need to hire experts to ensure that their integration project is a success. Here is a look at a few experts who will prove very useful as your business seeks to begin the SAP HANA Cloud integration process. 

  • SAP Consultant – SAP has some very unique technologies and as such, many organizations can greatly benefit from working with an SAP consultant. In the case of an SAP HANA Cloud integration project, they will take the time to get to know your business, its operations, its challenges, and its objectives. Then, they’ll be well-positioned to make recommendations for the ideal integration flow — one that will bring maximum benefit to the company and its operations. A consultant can also serve as a valuable advocate and overseer, looking after your interests and ensuring that your integration project remains on-track from start to finish. 
  • SAP Integration Developer – A SAP integration developer will have the product-specific expertise you need to succeed. An experienced SAP-friendly developer will know how to configure the best possible integration flow for your business. They will also be involved in the deployment process and selecting the ideal runtime environment.
  • SAP Systems Administrator – A SAP-friendly systems administrator will oversee the integration flows to ensure that everything is operating as expected. They will also address any routine maintenance and updates that are required to maintain the various integration connections. 

Notably, SAP HANA Cloud integration platform stands out from the crowd because it can be managed with no coding required. Many platforms require extensive coding during the configuration and implementation process. But as with many components within the SAP ecosystem, the integration platform is very much “plug-and-play” in nature. That said, many organizations can still benefit from hiring an SAP developer for their integration project. They’ll bring a great deal of expertise and talent to the table while ensuring that your integrations and integration flows are achieved in an efficient manner. 

The aforementioned IT professionals will prove to be valuable additions to a company’s enterprise tech team. But actually finding the right talent can be a tremendous challenge, especially in today’s highly-competitive job market. At Cox-Little, we have a team of ERP experts with experience in all aspects of enterprise software implementation. We’re available to guide our clients to the perfect hires for that upcoming SAP HANA Cloud integration and beyond. Contact Cox-Little today to discuss your enterprise software needs.