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Cox Little: Fill In-House Skill Gaps with Us & Achieve 70% Revenue Growth

Leveraging over 30 years of Staff Augmentation expertise, Cox Little is your strategic ally in providing skilled IT professionals. We aim to enhance your team seamlessly by eliminating the need for full-time recruiting hires. Our adaptable model minimizes fixed costs, curtails training expenses, and optimizes resource allocation.

Key Facts:

  1. Human-Centric Approach:
    We value personal connections, ensuring our service is tailored to your unique needs.
  2. Seamless Team Integration:
    Our skilled IT professionals seamlessly become an integral part of your team, ensuring a cohesive workflow.
  3. Cost-Effective Solutions:
    Save on fixed costs with our flexible staffing model, allowing you to scale resources as needed.
  4. Training Expense Reduction:
    Say goodbye to extensive training expenses; our experts come pre-equipped with the skills and experience required.
  5. Optimized Resource Allocation:
    Efficiently allocate resources for maximum productivity, eliminating the need for a bloated, fixed in-house team.

Discover How We Optimize Your Budget with Strategic Staffing:

  1. No Recruitment Costs:
    Access skilled individuals at a fraction of the cost, saving both time and money.
    Avoid expenses related to advertising, screening, and interviewing candidates.
  2. No Onboarding Costs:
    Our resources are already trained and experienced, saving you time and onboarding expenses.
  3. No Training Costs:
    Skip expensive training programs; our resources bring existing skills and experience to the table.
  4. Easy Scalability:
    Adjust IT resources based on business needs, ensuring flexibility and cost savings.
    Avoid maintaining a large, fixed in-house IT team.
  5. Reduced Overheads:
    Pay only for the specific services you need, reducing overall overhead costs associated with full-time IT teams.

Our Best Practices for Maximizing Savings:

Clear Project Scope and Goals:

– Define a precise project scope and goals upfront to prevent unnecessary costs.

– Maintain effective communication with augmented staff for aligned

Effective Project Management:

– Commit to efficient resource allocation, task delegation, and streamlined timeline management.

– Ensure augmented staff focuses on tasks contributing to cost-effective outcomes.

Regular Performance Assessment:

– Conduct periodic assessments of augmented staff performance to identify and address any gaps promptly.

– Enjoy the flexibility to switch to better-suited professionals without incurring termination costs.