Cox Little: Delivering IT Expertise for 30+ Years for Seamless Legacy System Modernization

Cox-Little provides top IT professionals to help businesses in navigating the journey from legacy systems to modern technologies. Our team is dedicated to ensuring an efficient and seamless transformation that demands a high level of attention to detail.

Let Us Transform Challenges into Opportunities Now and Embrace the Future Confidently with Cox Little Staff Augmentation.

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Our Impact on Legacy System Transformation Projects

Unparalleled Excellence in Transforming Legacy Systems, Assured by…

Expertise Recruitment: 

  • Specialization in recruiting IT professionals with expertise in legacy system transformation.
  • Our IT professionals understand intricacies of legacy systems and can transition to modern technologies efficiently.


  • Offer flexible staffing solutions instead of hiring full-time professionals.
  • Businesses can hire experts on a contract basis, making the process more cost-effective.


  • Maintain a pool of pre-screened talented candidates.
  • Enables businesses to start transformation projects sooner.
  • Significantly reduces the time it takes to hire the right professionals.

Continuity and Completion: 

  • Ensure continuity in case a team member leaves during the project.
  • Provide ongoing resources to ensure the project reaches completion.

Risk Mitigation: 

  • Our professionals are trained to anticipate, identify, and mitigate risks associated with transitioning from legacy systems.

What Sets Us Apart?

We provide skilled team of IT Professionals who excels in understanding your business’s unique requirements, assessing technology compliance, and creating a tailored blueprint. This thoughtful process results in: 

Saving costs while ensuring quality service 

Reducing downtime

Resolving compatibility issues